The BMW 7 Series Powerfully Drives Away With the Luxury Car of the Year Award

Driving a new BMW is reward enough for most drivers in Bakersfield, but why not throw in some extra recognition? The BMW 7 Series is the winner of the 2017 Luxury Car of the Year award. When you experience its power and technology, you'll understand why.

The 7 Series is built with a lightweight Carbon Core that both sheds pounds and lowers its center of gravity, leading to even better handling. Then think about what's under the hood: a 322 horsepower engine in the BMW 740i, a 445 horsepower engine in the BMW 750i, and a stunning 601 horsepower in the BMW M760. Pair this level of power with its handling capability, and that's a recipe for roadway domination.

The 7 Series isn't just about the power, but also the technology. Navigate the iDrive 6.0 system using only hand gestures - that's right, hand gestures - with the world's first automotive Gesture Control system. Your back seat passengers will do enough screen touching for the both of you, since they'll have a removable seven-inch Touch Command tablet at their disposal to personalize their riding experience.

The 2017 BMW 7 Series needs to be experienced to be believed. Browse the new BMW inventory available here at BMW of Bakersfield, and arrange for a test drive.